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The biggest lie told: Content is the king in SEO

Whenever we think about anything related to technology there is always this uncertainty.You can’t always be sure what is perfect and what might not work the next day. Let’s just say a trend gets famous but what if something bigger and better comes out, then it becomes the new trend of the day. The old one is forgotten in just a blink. 

Step into the shoes of an entrepreneur; You’re following a certain way and you have been in the list of the top ten links that open up whenever someone searches home related things but what if your strategy fails the other week. What will you do then? You know you have the content, you know you have the products that people want. Where are you going wrong? You might not know at that second but you have to yet again strategize. 

Lets focus on the title, it says “Biggest lie told: Content is the king in SEO”. This statement has two sides to it.

First Side to the statement 

Being a business owner if you have a website of a product based or a service based business or even both you have to have a site or a social handle that describes the work you are doing. The kind of content that lays out the usefulness of your website and line of work to the visitor and hence creates a positive image in the eyes of the people and somewhat influences them to opt for you and your product/service. How do you make that happen? 

Content, content and good content is key. Words itself are one of the most important powers available to us. This power can be used by us pretty constructively and  plays a quite important role in a website and a venture. When we write about a product we can use the perfect set of words conveying how useful the product is and indirectly convince the reader into getting the product. 

How words can be used to keep various strategies intact

Content can be used to portray yourself as an expert in the business that you’re in. This way you let your customers know you’re confident in the product that you’re selling and create a good image for your business. 

Content helps you create awareness regarding your business. You may create websites which might have different pages showing what you’re doing, what the page and business is about, and create a certain connection with the user. How it’s mentioned above words help you communicate better. 

Content helps you bring the right kind of traffic to your website. The kind of traffic that you love and would want almost all the time on your site. 

To make sure you achieve the above just keep your content unique and well written. If your product/ service is targeting the young you can make it a bit informal so people enjoy and hence choose your product/service over the others. If it’s targeting the elderly then make it entertaining yet informative so they know who they are approaching and what they might get out of availing the options that your products/service provides. 

If you follow a good strategy you will be able to help increase and improvise the ranking of your site. Quite a few experts do believe that content of a website is one of the most important criteria for increment in site traffic, click throughs as well as ratings.

Second side to the statement:

While some believe content gets you viewers and customers others believe that the saying ‘content is king’ is a myth especially when it comes down to SEO. It might be true that content displays and talks about what actually the venture is about but there’s more to the story than just content. 

Some people believe the truth is that content is a smaller part of a very big picture. For instance, when you sit down to make a puzzle. You’re given a picture and to make the exact same picture in the puzzle you need each and every piece if even one of them goes missing you might not have a complete puzzle. 

Same goes for content and SEO. Content isn’t the whole puzzle it’s just a part. You need to collect all the pieces and take all the measures to ensure chances to boost traffic.

Now you might be thinking oh so if content is the small part of a bigger picture then one can get away without putting a lot of effort in it and compromise the quality of it. 

The answer to this is No, not at all! We do know content is just part of a bigger picture but to achieve that bigger picture you can’t compromise on even the smallest parts of it. You need to give your all into it. If the content that you are producing is not worth reading all your marketing techniques, keywords and SEO strategies will straightaway go down the drain.

No one stops to read content that is not for them they choose to skip it and later this is observed by google and hence results in your ranking going low. If content is good you’ll probably be back linked and a lot of pages might tag you for reference depending on what you post and if it’s related to what they are talking about. So it all comes down to one thing: It’s proved that you can’t get on the top without good quality content but it’s also true that it’s not just the content alone that gets you on the top. Remembering this we can now say that the statement “Biggest lie told: Content is king in the SEO” to some extent can be denied because of what we have discovered and is stated above. This isn’t entirely true but it’s not entirely false either. Just remember to juggle both the sides equally to produce better content as well as to put your site out there by using perfect means possible so you can get the spotlight that your work deserves

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