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SEO challenges and opportunities in 2020

Let’s picture this: You have finally started your business and made a website displaying all your hard work and the content shows what you will be delivered to your respective customers. Now, how do these customers see the content you have built for them? That’s when Search Engine Optimisation comes in. This process helps you engage and connect with the people. 

How does it make it happen? 

In today’s world, search engines play a very crucial role because that’s where every individual goes when they require help. Whether that be searching for a good eatery or product reviews they will automatically open google and type out what they need to know and a series of links will open up to guide them respectively. So it doesn’t matter what you’re putting out the audience that you need to attract will most likely check out google only. Now if you want to draw them towards your work and what you are offering you will need SEO or Search Engine Optimisation. A scheme designed for websites and web links that helps to increase the site’s ranking by helping you recognize and identify the words the audience uses while searching for brands and resources that you have got to offer. You just need to remember that you need to find better opportunities to use SEO to acquire the customers you need.

SEO and its challenges 

Now SEO comes with quite a few benefits as well as commonly faced challenges. Some of the Seo challenges are the following:

SEO in the line of products:

 Let’s just say you have a brand providing hair styling products now people who haven’t used your products yet won’t know how it is and word of mouth isn’t the only thing they are looking for so you need to make sure product reviews are stating how every product is, this way when searching through google various links related to your product will automatically open up.

SEO for online services:

 Another common SEO challenge is poor web service. To make this better one needs to step into the shoes of the customer and pinpoint barricades, one needs to make sure they use a language that isn’t very complex and easily understood by the people this will result in them visiting your site often.

 SEO challenges include your work being boring and customers shifting from your site because they think the content you have is just plain old, to amp this up you can use more digital mediums such as videos. There’s a chance that videos will appear more when searching for content this way people will visit your site more and hence you’d be conquering an issue most people face.

Seo and it’s challenges faced by a service company: 

Now you could be out there providing any kind of service but if your service is not appreciated and is not bringing attention towards your work then there is something that you aren’t doing right. This is where SEO comes. Whenever you start a business whether that be servicing a product, you make a website or a page for it. Somewhere a product is represented or service is talked about. Let’s assume you’re a plumbing service and have a Facebook page. After a good day of service and appreciation, you ask each and every customer of yours to write up a small review for you on your page. What this will do is create attention. The attention you rightfully need and deserve. This way if a common woman in your area searches for good plumbers near me on Facebook/Google there is a huge possibility your name pops and a link to your Facebook page pops up. The commonly faced challenge by SEO is one needs to just understand that the more people mention your service the more it’ll pop up and that is exactly what you need. 

SEO challenges faced in the field of e-commerce: 

In the world of today, the toughest challenge is to get attention to your products. In the field of e-commerce when so many people are out there offering products it gets difficult to compete. You’ll be seeing a brand that sells clothes maybe a little expensive than you and you are wondering how it gets the customers. Well, they are using all the right keywords which you’re not. In e-commerce, the challenge in SEO is to use the right words because then your product links will come up as soon as people type whatever they need. Make sure you search keywords online before writing your data. Don’t optimize on your own. Consider what the customer wants and searches and build up all your content according to that.

Role of SEO in restaurant service: 

Sometimes when we walk in restaurants we get pretty shocked to see how amazing the ambiance is, how good the food and the service is yet the restaurant isn’t famous or talked about. Everything there is top-notch yet we in the comfort of our houses scroll through bloggers and influencers’ pages to check if they have ever talked about it. Now this a commonly faced challenge by the food industry. Opening up a good restaurant isn’t just enough especially in times like these when your customer’s go-to google for any questions they may have you just need to make sure google lists as effectively when your customers come out looking for a place like yours. Having a proper SEO and having a good command of it brings your food place onto the map.

For instance, your restaurant serves really good sushi, and a customer in your area is searching for places in their vicinity, and with the correct amount of SEO used by you, there is likely a chance that you pop up in their searches and they end up coming at your restaurant. This is challenging yet profitable if done correctly. One just needs to make sure they overcome these challenges in the best possible way to make way for their brand.

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