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What is Local SEO?

Search Engine Optimization(SEO) is a way to increase the quantity of quality traffic to your website whereas Local SEO is a SEO strategy that helps your web page be more visible geographically; be more visible in local searches of relevance around a specific location.

Why do I need Local SEO?

For any business, ups and downs are a routine. This is why they call business a risk and businessmen a risk taker. There might be days where your business does not get any recognition or is working slow and it needs a little augmentation. 

How is gaining visitors the same as gaining customers?

The trick is to convert your visitors into customers. There is no point in increasing traffic if you fail to grab a little percentage of your visitors as customers. Your customers will find you because they know, but you need others to know you to achieve a good part of revenue. Well, getting people to visit your website can be a bit of a challenge so here is a little tip talk to Local SEO and how it can help you: For a person, his everyday life revolves around searching different things directly on google. Previously, there were different popular search engines like Yahoo or Bing. But a local SEO is not limited to just Google. But since it is popular, we can call local SEO a way of trying to get into Google.

Google Business Listing

Let’s have a look at a very common google business listing; Google my business. How does Google my business work? Since you get your webpage made and registered behind the screens, Google needs to evaluate your business to know that you are trustworthy. The purpose of Google My Business is to add your business in their own phone books also known as Google Maps. What usually happens is that most of the business on google searches are operating locally without claiming their list, and can be charged heavily if caught.

Things to keep in mind

Ever heard of a common google term “3 Pack”? Well, Google has a specific manner of working. 3 pack is basically google separating normal searches from organic searches. You have to be in both the searches.The process can be a little tough, but worry not we have it covered for you at Google My Business Optimization.

What Are The Important SEO Steps?

Once you know the balance your website needs, you also need to make sure that your site is organized chronologically and contains important precise information to both; potential customers and google. To do so, you may consider the following steps:

Well, the work does not stop here. You need to ask a simple question; “Is it the best it can be?”. What does best mean here? Well, here best means that your web page should be optimized for Google and user friendly for your visitors.  From LOCAL SEO point of view, you need to consider; “Is it targeting and optimized to get your local area people’s attention?”


Do you want to be found? Maybe a  food delivery business that needs to be found? Many people prefer places nearby to shop and purchase from. You want people near you to find you saying “Nice they are 10 minutes far”. Your business type can help you get a lot of customers based on your location.


So once you have told everyone where you are and where you are located on your website, what is the use if you can not tell them what is going on locally? Your content can help you gain a lot of customers and visitors because it mainly shows what you are and what your business is dealing in. At times, your visitors might not need help or your product but looking at your content can help grab your visitor’s attention hence turning them into your customers.



Most people access web pages through mobile devices. They find it very convenient since it is easy to use. But accessing large content on mobile can be a little tough and annoying. So you need to optimize your page’s speed so that large content can also be loaded without any glitch. Having issues to optimize speed? Head up to our Speed Optimization Hosting page for further help!

Linking With Others

Now that you have content and are on the mobile, you need to focus on linking with others. If you successfully get others to link with you and vice versa, you can boost up our ranking. For instance, your Local SEO can help you link with other businesses in your locality. You can reciprocate information and can also be of help like provide a service or write content for others locally, to get them to link back with you. This is a long confusing process. You will need a guiding partner and might also have to keep on track. Remember, you need to rank high in searches otherwise your traffic will be badly and negatively impacted. Let’s boost up your website traffic with us. These are the plans we offer: